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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eagle Strike

Horowitz, Anthony. Eagle Strike. New York: Philomel Books, 2004. 256 Pages. (Adventure Series)

Damien Cray is a major pop singer who everybody in the world loves because he has donated millions to charity. What many people don’t know about him is that he has planned to take out any major drug supply countries; he thinks this will make him more popular for stopping drug trade. He plans to do this using American Nuclear Bombs.

Sabina Pleasure is Alex Riders girlfriend who he met at Wimbledon. Sabina’s father is a journalist who is writing a story on Damien Cray But during his writing his house blows up and he is almost killed.

Alex Rider is a child spy for MI6 which is a British intelligence agency. Alex wants to find out why Mr. Pleasure was attempted to be assassinated.

Yassen Gregorvich is a hired Russian killer who was hired by Damien Cray to help with Eagle Strike.

I selected the two books before the series and thought that they were good so I read this one and it was just as good.

Reviewed by: ReadON!

I Want To Live

McDaniel, Lurlene. I Want To Live. Ohio: Darby Creek, 1987. 126 pages. (Realistic Fiction Series)

The book I choose to read was I Want to Live. Dawn one of the main characters has cancer and is trying to live an ordinary life but cant because of her cancer. Dawn’s family is a big part of this book. They support her in every choice that she has to make in her life also the nursing staff is a real comfort for dawn when her family is not there. This story takes place in and out of the hospital. Dawn faces the problem of being a kid and the sick kid that no one wants to hang out with or be near. She solves this problem by making friends that she can feel comfortable around but when that happened dawn only got miserable. Sandy her best friend that she had mad had cancer like her too and it took the toll on sandy and she died. This book ends in a very different way sense it’s a series they have you hanging by a thread when you end so you have to get the next book out to read and find out what happens. I would recommend this book because it has a very strong sense of what other kids go through that have cancer and it gives a feeling of shock when you hear that people your own age are dying and you are still living. When I got to the part where dawn was almost about to dye I was almost in tears listening to her brother crying, screaming, and punching the wall trying to get his anger out about the feelings that he had in his chest fir what dawn was going through. Remember all kids are alike even if they do have cancer they still want to be treated the same way as healthy kids. That is what I have learned from reading this series of books.

Reviewed by: ManxomeFoe

Kidnapped: The Abduction

Koran, Gordon. Kidnapped: The Abduction. Scholastic Inc, May 2006, 144 pages. (Thriller Series)

Once there was a little girl whose name rhymes with egg.
Has a big problem coming this way,
By the way her name is Meg

Her parents got accused of murder
But they didn’t really do it

Spent time in jail
Nothing really to it

Now they're out
Everyone calls them traitors

Only people that hang out
Are baiters
Until one day
Meg got kidnapped and
People are starting to care

I would recommend this book to like anyone as especially kids like through the age of 9-12, because it’s really kewl and it will have you at the edge of your seats for practically the whole book. I would share this with my parents because it’s about kidnapping so yea… I would read another book by this author and actually I am going to this is the 2nd one I have read so far. One of my favorite scenes is like the third or second time that she tries to escape she is so close she runs and keeps running trying to find some help but she is like in the middle of no where and she finally hers a car around the corner and foot steps behind her then she looks back it was them so she runs towards the car and that was them also…… to read the rest you will have to read the book. If I had to give this book a 1 word label it would be AWESOME. This book is kewl, action packed, sort of mysterious, gives you butterflies in your stomach.

Reviewed by: ReadHeaded

Spy X Tunnel Vision

Lerengis, Peter. Spy X Tunnel Vision. New York: Scholastic, 2004. 201 pages. (Thriller / Spy Series)

For my reading log I chose to do Spy X tunnel vision the fourth and last book in the Spy X series. The main characters in this book are Evie, Andrew There mom and dad. This story takes place underground in San Francisco. The problem they face is they are with their mom on a mission but their dad is trying to find them. They solve the problem by sneaking around fast but quietly. One interesting event is their dad has an assistant with him and they know her very well. I selected this book because I have read all the other books in this series. I enjoyed this book because you would never believe what will happen.

Reviewed by: MaxMan327

Monday, March 31, 2014

The River

Paulsen, Gary. The River, NY: Dell, 1991. 137 pages. (Survival Series / Poem Review)

Brian Robison
Is back in the woods again
Derek is with him

They land in the woods
Then again it’s going well
Then three days out good

Is hit by lighting
In need of medical help
Brian builds a raft

Tree hits him dead on
He is put in a coma
Will be close to death

Miles down the stream
The time is running out fast
Now will he make it?

The book The River I think is a great squeal to the book Hatchet because it continues at a great point after the Hatchet ended and continues it. The book is shorter then Hatchet but I think it was just as good. If I had to give it a score one though ten, I would give it an eight.

Reviewed by Flight of the Dodo